TikTok, Instagram, cinematic real estate videography to boost your sales

We’re so confident, the first one’s half price

Did you know that video is a powerful way to draw attention to your listing? Between the MLS listing and social media, video is the quickest way to bring attention to a property by highlighting all of its features quickly and easily.

In fact, when deployed correctly, a well-crafted video can increase exposure by 300% and increase engagement with your listing!

Here at Ingage, we offer two basic styles of video: Full Length Cinematic Showcase Video and Highlight Reel Video.

Options available for each type of video:

  • • Video captured on stabilized professional cameras and high quality mobile devices
  • • Variety of voiceover options including: no voiceover, a voiceover intro done by the agent themselves, or a professionally scripted and recorded voice over
  • • Onscreen titles and graphics that describe the property
  • • Call to Action
  • • Agent’s contact information, photo, and branding (for social media use only)
  • • Royalty-free music
  • • Atmospheric sound effects
  • • Integrated into your Ingage Media Tour Webpage and Total Marketing Kit

Full Length Cinematic Showcase Video

The Full Length Cinematic Showcase video is your traditional cinema style video in a 16×9 format. We film these videos with our mirrorless cameras and by incorporating drone video clips, if desired. In the end, you will receive an expertly edited 3-5 minute video showcasing your property and its amenities. The video comes in MLS ready and branded versions that are made available for sharing. Please allow 3-5 days for videos to be edited and delivered.

Highlight Reel Video

Highlight Reel Videos are high-quality videos filmed in the popular vertical format which is ideal for sharing on social media. Think TikTok videos and Instagram Reels. We create these videos using stabilized iPhone video cameras, while also incorporating footage captured with our mirrorless cameras and drone footage, if desired. In the end, you will receive MLS read and branded versions that are ready for sharing. Final edited videos are typically delivered the next day.

Video production Pricing  

  • • Full Length Cinematic Showcase Video (3-5 min long): $250 | $212.50*
  • • Highlight Reel Video (30 seconds and 60 seconds long): $125 | $50 Limited time offer for your first video.
  • • Drone Video (unedited clips for use in your video): $125 (30 minutes) $106.25 (30 minutes)*

*indicates discounted/introductory rate. Real estate agents and brokerages that use INGAGE for each real estate listing qualify for a loyalty discount, resulting in a savings of 10% off the invoice. Add any additional service and save an additional 5%. Let us know if you’re interested in an introductory rate of up to 15% off your first 3 invoices. That is significant savings and the added benefit of consistency and top quality marketing on each and every listing. That brings more leads to your growing business.


Please send a text (252) 916-4154 or email (admin@ingageadagency.com and include the following info:

  • Street address (including city) ______
  • Square footage ______
  • List any upgrades needed (*see full list below)______
  • Preferred Date /time options for shoot ______
  • Planned listing date ______
  • Is the property occupied or vacant? ______
  • Will the agent meet photographer at property, or will key/code be provided?______