Occupied property MLS photo and video services to resume May 1

Ingage Advertising Agency will be opening up service under specific guidelines to occupied properties starting May 1st. These guidelines are intended to mitigate the risk of possible spread of COVID 19 infection. Services include ground based and aerial photography and videography; as well as creation of 2D or 3D floorpans and virtual tours. Virtual and practical staging is also available for these properties.

Our team members will be hand washing and sanitizing all equipment before and after the session. Members will be wearing personal protective equipment such as shoe coverings, gloves and face masks for the duration of these shoots.

In addition to any decluttering and staging, guidelines require that the home be cleaned and sanitized prior to our team member’s scheduled arrival. It is particularly important to disinfect door knobs, light switches, lamp switches, table tops and counter surfaces. It is also advised that the home be aired out for one hour prior to our arrival.

Occupants of the property must be symptom free and off property for the duration of the time it takes for our staff to complete their work. If occupants are unable to leave the property or the home has not been sanitized to the satisfaction of our staff, the shoot will be rescheduled for a time when these conditions can be met. Session times vary according to the size of the home and the complexity of the project. Session times generally range from 1 -4 hours. A key or lockbox code are required prior to the session, or the agent may be present to unlock the property upon our arrival.

Below is a complete and up-to-date set of Photography Preparation Guidelines. These should be completed 10 minutes prior to the scheduled shoot by either the seller or agent prior to the photographer’s arrival.


  • All lights ON (inside and outside); Replace broken/missing bulbs
  • All ceiling fans OFF
  • All blinds/shutters/curtains open or pulled up
  • Toilet seats closed
  • Personal care items not visible
  • Trash/recycle bins not visible
  • No cars in driveway or parked directly in front of house on the street
  • Children, pets, and pet items put away
  • Photos of people put out of view
  • Sanitize and disinfect door knobs, light switches, lamp switches and interior surfaces (we may need to turn on/off lights and ceiling fans between photography and videography)
  • Please have all interior doors open to all rooms ready to photographed
  • Occupants are asked to be off premises before our arrival. We ask that a key or lockbox code be provided prior to our arrival, or the agent may be required to unlock the property upon our arrival. Please allow our team up to 2-3 hours for photography and videography to be completed.
  • It is highly advised that the home be aired out for one hour prior to our arrival.

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Show more and save money with our new pro-rated packages!

Before the pandemic, it was easy to schedule a home tour without much effort. Nowadays, in person home tours are much more challenging due to social distancing guidelines. Buyers and sellers are seeking ways to offer potential buyers with an immersive experience rich in context and detail. Ingage is prepared to help with a new set of options!

We are offering special package bundles that provide a look inside each home in a unique way. These packages are for unoccupied houses at discounted prices that feature photos and video delivered via Adobe Spark media webpages. Simply complete the booking info and tell us what photos you want included in your shoot and video tour and we will make it happen for you. Photos will be delivered next day and video tours delivered in 2-3 days.

See a sample of a similar media tour webpage package, including twilights, interior / exterior images, detail shots, and cinematic walkthrough video. We are also preparing to launch 360 virtual tours and 3D and 2D floor plans, set to launch very soon.

Media Tour Package A

  • 12 daylight photos w/flash (recommended for homes up to 1,800 sq ft)
  • 3-5 detail photos
  • 2-3 twilight exterior photos
  • 1 minute cinematic walkthrough video
  • media tour webpage

    Total package price: $297 – Pro-rated savings over $160!

Media Tour Package B

  • 22 daylight photos w/flash (recommended for homes 1,800 – 3,500 sq ft)
  • 3-5 detail photos
  • 2-3 twilight exterior photos
  • 1-2 minute cinematic walkthrough video
  • media tour webpage

    Total package price: $429 – Pro-rated savings over $180!

How to book

This is a limited time offer, so please book soon! Please contact us and include the following info:

  • Street Address including city
  • Square footage
  • List the package you wish to purchase
  • Preferred Date /time options for shoot
  • Will the agent meet photographer at property, or will key/code be provided?

Remember, we have made modifications to our home prep guide. See these changes here.

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