TEAM SPOTLIGHT: Kristen Butts, Digital Marketing Intern

Marketing Intern Covershot

My name is Kristen Butts. I am the digital marketing intern at Ingage Marketing Agency. I am from Morehead City, NC, and now live in Greenville, NC and attend East Carolina University. I am currently a junior pursuing my bachelor’s degree in business administration, a marketing concentration, and a psychology minor. After graduation, I intend to stay in Greenville to begin working towards my MBA. Since I arrived at ECU, I have discovered a strong passion for learning more about business and marketing. I am able to implement this passion, as well as my previous marketing knowledge skills through my internship at Ingage. 

A fun fact about me is that I plan to live in Paris for a month post-graduation. I am excited to experience French culture and network with Parisian citizens. Some of my favorite things to do are going on the boat, reading, exercising, and journaling. I have grown up loving the ocean, and I enjoy going off-shore fishing. I also have my NC Boater’s license. I enjoy reading books about business and personal growth. I have learned from my previous reading the importance of developing healthy daily habits. I stick to these habits of exercising, reading, and journaling to improve my well-being and productivity. Throughout my professional journey, I always stay true to my values of love, faith, personal growth, integrity, and self-reliance.

 Offshore Fishing

I have used my past work and educational experiences to develop and improve my creativity and analytical skills. I enjoy developing brand strategy, creating coherent social media feeds, marketing research, and public relations. My favorite aspect of working in the Marketing field is overcoming new obstacles daily, expanding my creative boundaries, and learning many tactical skills along the way. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mr. Fay as the digital marketing intern because I can implement and improve my marketing skills, while also giving back to Ingage and the businesses they serve.